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DecaMed 10 Year First Aid Kit

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

DecaMed 10 year first aid kits save you time and money and will stop you having to replace first aid components every year because of them expiring. DecaMed is the UK's first long-life first aid kit and is supplied with a 10 year guarantee. This minimises costs and gives you reassurance that the supplies in your kit will be in date and effective should you ever need them.

The Decamed kit includes ice packs, disposable waste bags, hygiene towels and many others essential first aid supplies. All kits are supplied with a first aid manual and a contents check list.

  • Ideal for up to 10 people (low risk environments)
  • Wound coverings are aluminium-vapourised to prevent sticking and infection
  • Sterile packages
  • Complete range of first aid supplies - see the contents list
  • Extensive cost savings over traditional first aid kits
  • Eliminate the risk of out of date items being used for 10 years
  • Sturdy bright green case to protect the contents and identification easier
  • All contents have been tested and are CE marked
  • Developed and manufactured by Germany's leading first aid manufacturer

Quality Assurance

All of the sterile components are marked to ensure the quality standards of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC are met. The manufacturer is certified for sterile production by the BSI.

The graphic below shows what each marking means.

100% Quality Guaranteed
  1. Sterile indicator
  2. EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas sterilised
  3. Quantity enclosed
  4. Single use item
  5. Manufacturing year
  6. Manufacturing month
  7. Batch number
  8. Best before date (Year/Month) in undamaged packaging
  9. Certification id number
Kit Contents

DecaMed Kit Contents

Item Quantity
First Aid Manual
Wound cover sheet - 60x80cm
Compress - 10x10cm
Dressing with bandage (Small) -6x8cm
Dressing with bandage (Medium) -8x10cm
Dressing with bandage (Large) -10x12cm
Eye compress
Fixing bandage - 4x6cm
Fixing bandage - 4x8cm
Adhesive tape - 2.5cm x 10m
Triangular bandage - 96x96x136cm
Heat retaining blanket - 210x160cm
Non-woven hygiene towels - 20x30cm
Plaster strips - 10x6cm
Clothes scissors
Ice pack - 20x15cm
Transparent waste disposal bag
Technical Data
Product Code SG10FA1
Brand Soehngen


Weight 0.60kg

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