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Defibrillator Accessories

Many defibrillators are compatible with a range of optional extra items such as memory cards or connection leads. The following selection of products from manufacturers such as Cardiac Science, Lifepak, Philips and more, offer you the chance to take advantage of your defibrillator's optional extra features.

If you are looking for accessories for a specific brand of defibrillator, make sure to use the handy filter on the left of this page. This filter allows you to refine the items shown by brand, equipment type or price - ensuring you can hone in on exactly what you need.

AED Defibrillator Responder Kit

The AED responder kit contains essential products that are required when using a defibrillator. Items such as a resuscitation mask and nitrile gloves protect the user when administering CPR to a patient.

  • Universal kit suitable for use with all AEDs
  • Perfect for storing with lifesaving equipment
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£11.00 ex VAT

£13.20 inc VAT

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Resuscitation of Adults Poster

Ideal for display in a range of environments, the "Resuscitation of Adults" poster provides a step by step guide on what to do should you find an unresponsive adult casualty.

  • Step-by-step first aid guide when finding an unresponsive adult
  • Provides essential basic guidance on how to perform CPR
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£12.50 ex VAT

£15.00 inc VAT

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Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator Demo and Data Cards

A range of demo and data cards designed for use with the Defibtech Lifeline AED, Auto, View, ECG and Pro defibrillators. Demo cards are used to show how the defibrillator will operate in an emergency, whilst the data card records patient ECG and event information.

  • For training demonstration mode and event data storage
  • Suitable for the Defibtech Lifeline defibrillators
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From: £64.00 ex VAT

£76.80 inc VAT

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Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator Infant/Child Key

The Philips HeartStart FRx infant/child key is designed for use when the treatment of young patients under 55lbs/25kg in weight is required.

  • Energy shock level is reduced from 150 to 50 joules
  • Allows SMART pads II to be used for adult & infant/child treatment
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Now: £76.00 ex VAT

£91.20 inc VAT

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Physio-Control Lucas 2 Disposable Suction Cups

These disposable suction cups are designed for use with the Lucas 2 chest compression system and need to be replaced after each patient use.

  • Available in packs of 3 or 12 units
  • Single use cups
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From: £77.00 ex VAT

£92.40 inc VAT

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Martek CardioSAFE Chest Compression Assistant

The Martek CardioSAFE is a chest compression assistance device designed to help laypersons achieve the correct position, level of pressure and compression rate to perform effective CPR.

  • Designed to sit on a patients chest
  • Audible "click" tells you you are giving effective chest compressions
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£90.00 ex VAT

£108.00 inc VAT

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Physio-Control Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator 3-lead ECG Cable

This 3-lead ECG cable is designed for use with the Physio-Control Lifepak 1000 defibrillator and is suitable for monitoring the heart rhythm and rate of patients of all ages.

  • Provides a non-diagnostic ECG display for monitoring
  • Defibrillator continues to evaluate for a shockable rhythm
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£195.00 ex VAT

£234.00 inc VAT

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Physio Control CR2 LIFELINKcentral Track account 4 years

With LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager, managing your AEDs has never been easier or more accurate. You will receive monthly readiness reports saving you time and money by eliminating manual checks for up to 50 devices both for connected CR2 devices and manually entered alternative models of AEDs.

  • View a dashboard with the status and location of all connected and manually enetered AEDs
  • 4 year service package covering up to 50 devices
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£1,604.00 ex VAT

£1,924.80 inc VAT

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Free Defibrillator Maintenance Checklist - PDF Download

Download our free defibrillator maintenance checklist to keep track of battery and defib pad expiry dates.

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