Storage & Protection for Offices

Visibility, accessibility and protection are the key defibrillator storage considerations in most office environments.

Whatever your priorities are, we will have a storage solution that meets your needs. To refine the list of products visible, make use of the handy filter on the side of the page.

Philips HeartStart Defibrillator Wall Mount Bracket

Helping people to identify the correct storage location of the Philips HeartStart HS1 or FRx defibrillator, this storage bracket is designed for wall mount applications for high visibility.

  • Defibrillator remains fully accessible
  • Wall mounted for a prominent highly visible storage location

41.50 ex VAT

49.80 inc VAT


Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator Wall Bracket

With the Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus wall bracket, your defibrillator can be positioned in a highly visible location and remain fully accessible for emergency use.

  • Provides a central, recognisable storage location
  • Wall mounted so as to not cause obstruction

47.50 ex VAT

57.00 inc VAT


HeartSine Samaritan PAD Defibrillator Wall Bracket

This wire wall bracket allows the HeartSine Samaritan PAD defibrillator to be installed in a central location or vehicle whilst remaining fully accessible.

  • Provides a highly visible storage solution
  • Suitable for installing on a wall or in a vehicle

70.00 ex VAT

84.00 inc VAT


Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator Soft Shell Carry Case

This rigid, durable soft shell carry case is designed to protect the Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator from knocks and bangs during transportation.

  • Lightweight, durable case with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Clearly labelled to identify the Lifepak defibrillator

109.00 ex VAT

130.80 inc VAT


HeartSine Defibrillator Wall Cabinet

This sturdy steel indoor wall cabinet is suitable for storing a HeartSine Samaritan 350P, 360P or 500P defibrillator.

  • Durable steel construction and designed to deter misuse
  • Fitted with closeable toggle latch

149.00 ex VAT

178.80 inc VAT


Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus Water Tight Hard Carry Case

This high visibility hard carry case for Lifepak CR Plus defibrillators features a full water tight seal for complete protection in harsh conditions.

  • Bright yellow finish for high visibility
  • Provides maximum protection for the Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator

197.00 ex VAT

236.40 inc VAT


Rotaid Plus Defibrillator Cabinet

With its unique design and intuitive operation, the Rotaid cabinet can accommodate defibrillators from many of the top manufacturers including Cardiac Science, Physio-Control, Philips and Zoll.

  • Simple to use twist off cover for ease of access
  • Available with or without audible alarm to deter misuse

220.00 ex VAT

264.00 inc VAT


Physio-Control Lifepak Wall Cabinet with Alarm

Constructed from stainless steel with a clean, white finish, the Physio-Control Lifepak wall cabinet is designed for indoor installation and features an audible alarm which activates when the cabinet door is opened.

  • Labelled with a clear front to help identify the defibrillator
  • Provides a highly visible central storage location

239.00 ex VAT

286.80 inc VAT


Philips HeartStart Defibrillator Wall Cabinet

Fitted with an audible alarm and bright strobe light, this tough and durable cabinet is designed to provide a central storage location for your Philips HeartStart defibrillator, making identification and access quick and easy.

  • Clear front vision panel to easily inspect your defibrillator
  • Audible alarm and strobe light activates when the door is opened

340.00 ex VAT

408.00 inc VAT

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