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Zoll Training Equipment

Zolls defibrillator training equipment including pads, remote controls for trainers and trainer units provide users with hands on experience of using the Zoll Plus defibrillator. This invaluable training equipment can help when a real life scenario occurs and cardiac arrest strikes a victim.

Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2

The Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 features the same graphical interface as well as audible and visual prompts as the actual Zoll AED Plus defibrillator, making it as real to life for users as possible.

  • 4 optional rescue scenarios to practice from
  • Provides a realistic hands-on training experience

5 out of 5 stars

£431.19 ex VAT

£517.43 inc VAT

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Zoll AED Plus Replacement Training Gel Pads - 5 pairs

Replenish the strength of the Zoll AED Plus CPR-D Padz training pads with these replacement gel pads to ensure that trainees continue to receive realistic hands-on defibrillator training.

  • Supplied as a pack of 5 pairs
  • Ideal for repeat practice of pad placement

4.7 out of 5 stars

£48.39 ex VAT

£58.07 inc VAT

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Zoll AED Plus Training CPR-D padz Set

The Zoll AED Plus training CPR-D pads set is made up of a single CPR placement guide and one pair of adhesive training pads, with an easy connect cable to operate with the Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2.

  • Single "Z" piece pad placement guide and a pair of pads
  • Suitable for use on standard training manikins

4.7 out of 5 stars

£105.89 ex VAT

£127.07 inc VAT

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Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 Remote Control

Wireless remote control unit designed to allow instructors more flexibility and control over the Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 unit, including changing the training scenario and pausing the unit to allow additional instruction or discussion on specific points.

  • Allows the instructor to manage the training
  • Wireless with pictorial control buttons for ease of use

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