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All Defibrillators

All Defibrillators

Our complete range of automatic and semi-automatic defibs offer a variety of unique features and are sourced from the world's leading manufacturers.

Available from £774.99 ex VAT

Semi-Automatic Defibrillators

Semi-Automatic Defibrillators

Semi-automatic defib units have a manual shock button for use by the responder. We stock the most extensive range available online.

Fully Automatic Defibrillators (AED)

Fully Automatic Defibrillators

Fully automatic defibrillators (or AEDs) can be used by any competent person. Voice prompts and visual instructions make these defib units the user friendly choice.

Defibrillator Pads & Batteries

Defib Pads & Batteries

Defibrillator responder kits, spare and replacement pads and batteries, ECG cables and a range of official, compatible accessories from leading manufacturers.

Defibrillator Storage & Protection

Storage & Protection

Storing your defib needs to be right for you, your organisation and the people who might need to use it. Our range includes brackets, cases, bags and cabinets.

Defib Training Units, Courses & Equipment

Defib Training Units, Courses & Equipment

Get used to the operation of defibrillators and learn how to react to someone experiencing cardiac arrest with our training products and services.

Defibrillator Help & Advice

Help & Advice

Our team of product specialists are on hand to help you identify the most suitable and best value defibrillator and accessories for you or your organisation.

What you need to know about AEDs

When somebody falls victim to sudden cardiac arrest a defibrillator can be the difference between survival and fatality. With approximately 60,000 cardiac arrests occurring every year in the UK outside of hospitals, an AED is a life-saving piece of equipment and a necessity in businesses, schools, care facilities and organisations and areas open to the public.

Every minute that a ...

Read more about AEDs

An Overview of Defibrillators

We care about the products we stock. As an introduction to our range and to the different defibs on the market we have created a short presentation video. More videos will be released in the coming weeks so be sure to pop back and see what's new in the defib market!

Defibrillator Inspection

Book your defibrillator inspection with one our trained engineers to ensure your device is ready to use.

Live Customer Support

Dedicated live online customer support from our in-house experts.

Operators Online

FREE Reminder Services

Sign up for our free reminder service to receive notifications when its time to replace your batteries and pads.

FREE Replacement Pads

Get free replacement pads if your defibrillator is used to treat a patient within the first 2 years after purchase.


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