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All Storage & Protection

More info about All Defibrillator Storage & Protection Solutions

Our full range of defibrillator storage and protection solutions. Options available for public access, business and private applications - all of the highest quality.

Carry Cases & Backpacks

Carry Cases & Backpacks

Our range of cases and backpacks cater for all budgets and all the defibrillator models we supply. Protecting your device is vital to ensure it functions when you need it most.

Wall Brackets

Defibrillator wall brackets

Defibrillator wall brackets create a central point for users to collect the device from in an emergency whilst keeping the device in a secure and 'out of the way' location.

Storage Cabinets

Defibrillator storage cabinets

AED storage cabinets not only provide weather and temperature protection, but also increase the visibiliy of defibrilators to ensure they can be located when needed.

Defib / AED ID Signs

Defibrillator ID Signs

It is crucial that anyone struck by sudden cardiac arrest is treated by an AED as quickly as possible. High visibility signage should be used to identify storage locations.

Schools & Education

More info about Defibrillator Storage & Protection for Schools

Within a school environment, it is important to make sure that your AED is both readily available and protected from damage. Our range of storage solutions offer this.

Offices & Places of Work

More info about Storage & Protection for Offices

Visibility, accessibility and protection. Our range of storage solutions for offices have been specially selected to offer the most practical storage locations for your AED.

Sport & Leisure

More info about Storage & Protection for Sports

Sports and leisure centres can be busy, active places. If you are looking to protect your AED from accidental damage, browse our range of storage solutions.

Construction & Industrial Sites

More info about Storage & Protection for Construction & Industrial Sites

Defibrillators found on building or industrial sites can encounter harsh environmental conditions. This selection of cabinets offer ingress protection ratings as high as IP65.

Public Access

More info about Storage & Protection for Public Access

Public access defibrillators present specific storage requirements. Our PAD storage solutions feature combination locks and high IP ratings, ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Storing Your Defibrillator

There are many ways to store your defibrillator and keep it safe. Such a valuable asset should not be left out to get damaged, dirty, exposed to the elements or left out for potential theft.

Safe storage can be provided in the form of defibrillator cases, backpacks, wall brackets or cabinets. We understand that there are many different scenarios where defibrillators can be used and stored and so we aim to provide as wide coverage as possible to suit as many applications as we can.

Defibrillator cabinets can be bought with optional audible alarms, strobe lights, key locks, tamper seal security, temperature control, water protection and many other features. Brackets and cases tend to offer a more affordable solution for storing your defibrillator and are often used for indoor storage in situations where potential damage or theft is non-existent.

Here at The Defib Pad we aim to meet all of our customer expectations. If you can't see what you're looking for or if you need our help to tell you what would be best for you then get in touch. Our friendly specialists are on hand to make sure you get the right defibrillator products for you.


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