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Primedic HeartSave SaveBox Wall Cabinet

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Available with or without an audible alarm, the HeartSave SaveBox wall mounted cabinet is designed for the safe storage of Primedic HeartSave defibrillators. The clear fronted cabinet features a magnetically fastened pull down lid, and incorporates a single-hand push button release bracket, ensuring that the defibrillator is secure but easily accessible in the event of an emergency. When fitted, the Primedic HeartSave remains visible at all times, whilst the cabinet lid acts as a deterrent against theft and misuse of the lifesaving device.

  • Designed for the safe storage of Primedic HeartSave defibrillators:
  • Available with or without an audible alarm
  • Alarmed version - audible and visual warning is activated when the lid is opened
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Easy to open pull down lid is kept shut by a magnetic fastener
  • Defibrillator securely sits on an internal bracket and "clicks" into place
  • Single-hand push button release allows the defibrillator to be removed quickly
  • Remains clearly visible at all times
  • Provides a central storage location for the lifesaving device
  • Helps to deter theft or misuse

The table below shows the defibrillators that can be stored using this cabinet.

Model Number
HeartSave PAD Defibrillator
HeartSave AED Defibrillator
HeartSave AED-M Defibrillator
HeartSave AS Defibrillator
Technical Data
Product Code

Without Alarm:  PMHSSVBX

With Alarm:  PMHSSVBXA

Brand Primedic
Manufacturers Part Number

Without Alarm: 96740

With Alarm: 96776


Primedic HeartSave AEDs

Weight 5.00kg

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